23th April, 2020

Dietary supplements are a necessary component of prevention and health promotion

Medications will help you recover faster, and dietary supplements will not help you get sick. That is why various nutraceuticals are so popular among people who care about their health. They are an important part of prevention and support of the body.

DD is an additional source of nutrients and biologically active substances. They are taken with food and enrich it, making it as useful as possible. Additives are available in the form of capsules, sachets, solutions or tablets. And the active substances in them are in concentrated form.


What are the supplements

Виділяють кілька видів дієтичних добавок:

Nutraceuticals are proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements that supplement the diet. They are necessary for a monotonous diet, lack of a certain nutrient in the menu or its poor assimilation. Nutraceuticals help to regulate metabolic processes and eliminate ailments associated with a deficiency of essential nutrients.

Parapharmaceuticals are biologically active substances derived from animal, plant or natural minerals. Such supplements have certain medicinal properties. They affect the functioning of organs and systems. Help to regulate physiological processes and prevent the development of diseases. Can be used in complex therapy. Usually the range of biological activity of additives is wide. Each tool has several directions of action.

Probiotics are human symbionts. Living microorganisms that inhabit the intestine, normalize the microflora and improve digestion. Microorganisms affect the absorption of nutraceuticals, vitamins, immunity.

Produce and combined drugs, including components of different groups. All substances in the additives are in strictly calibrated concentrations, which remain unchanged throughout the shelf life.

What is DS made of?

Only natural ingredients are used for the production of additives:

• Animal or vegetable proteins, fats and oils.

• Algae and dried plants.

• Dietary fiber.

• Beekeeping products.

• Pure and mixed cultures of microorganisms.

All components are used in liquid or dry form with minimal processing, which preserves the useful properties and activity of substances. In some cases, the finished additives are sterilized or pasteurized.

The main advantages of dietary supplements

1. DD is safer for the body than medication.

2. They often have no side effects.

3. Admission does not lead to overdose and is not addictive.

4. The use of parapharmaceuticals increases the effect of prescribed drugs, requires less medication.

How to make additives

GMP-certified companies are engaged in the production of dietary supplements. It means that the company adheres to sanitary norms, safety requirements and all rules of production and storage of additives.

If the developer does not have his own company of the required level, he can order the manufacture of nutraceuticals at the production facilities of another company.

In Ukraine, such a service is provided by Astrapharm. The company was certified in 2003 and re-certified in 2011, confirming compliance with European standards. The company produces its own additives and is engaged in contract manufacturing.

How to order DS through the Bioad platform

On the basis of Astrapharm facilities you can order the production of additives according to ready-made and own recipes. For the convenience of communication, the company has developed a special platform BioAD. With its help it is easy to estimate terms and cost of each party of additives. The designer allows you to choose:

• Direction of action of the future tool.

• Useful one-component or combined composition.

• Form release in the form of capsules, sachets or tablets.

• Packing in blisters or jars.

• Design and color of capsules and boxes.

Based on the entered data, the final cost is calculated. Astrapharm is engaged not only in the production, but also in the storage of additives and their delivery to the place of sale.

Only those supplements that are released in compliance with all rules and regulations of production can be considered useful and used for prevention and rehabilitation.